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How much are closing costs?
When do i lock a loan?
What is pMI?

How do i get free closing costs?
What is a 203K loan?
What's the difference between ARM and fixed?

What's a good credit score?
Why are online loans a bad idea?
What's an appraisal?

What is FHA?
When is a good time to refinance?
How does a mortgage broker make their money?

What is a seller's concession?
What's the difference between a broker and a bank?
How much do you need for a down payment?

Why do I need a pre-qualification letter?
What are points?


"We are so glad we were referred to you. What a blessing it was to have someone like you on our team as we were in the looong process of purchasing our first home. Again and Again we heard from all involved in the process how lucky we were to have someone like you on our team. Thanks for being on top of things and making this happen for our family. Thank you for your timeless effort! Peace of mind goes a long way."

Cherie and Keith Kahmanns
First Time Home Buyers